24ct Gold Plated Tulip Case with scissors

What is a “ Chatelaine “ ? A Chatelaine is an ornamental appendage worn by ladies at their waist such as keys, glasses, handbags and purses. The sewing chatelaine was very popular during the reign of Queen Victoria from about 1850 and disappeared round about 1904 when fashion changed and skirts were no longer full and long. The dictionary states the word “ chatelaine “ in the context of ‘ lady of the castle ‘ dates back to 1196. As a name for a waist hung ornament , the earliest date given is 1845. Our Chatelaines, Needle cases, Thimble cages are now manufactured as Pendants

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24ct Gold Plated Tulip Case with scissors

24ct Gold Plated Tulip Case comes complete with a pair of Gold serrated goldwork scissors (MTE35). This beautiful Chatelaine is plated in 24ct gold and is simply stunning, with a beautiful Tulip design, a design which is also available in Pewter.

  • 24ct Gold plated
  • Comes complete with Goldwork Embroidery Scissors
  • stunning chatelaine
  • Larger Chatelaine

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